Applying for a BruinCard

The BruinCard is UCLAs official identification card used to confirm your student status and assist you with multiple campus services. Please note: campus service availability may vary due to COVID-19.

You’ll use your BruinCard in the following ways:

  • Official University ID used to verify your identity for campus events, UCLA department services, school exams and applicable university promotions and discounts
  • Debit card feature lets cardholders make purchases at any BruinCard merchant, purchase textbooks, food, printing, pay for laundry and more; make deposits online, in the BruinCard office, or at a BruinCard machine on campus
  • Library card used to access computers, books and late night study sessions
  • Gym pass for entry into gym and recreation facilities
  • Meal card to allow entry into dining halls; use your Housing meal plan or BruinCard funds to pay
  • Building access card allowing entry into locations you have authorization to access, e.g. your residence hall and, in some cases, your room
  • Laundry card for machines in on-campus residence halls and University Apartments


Getting Your BruinCard

First-time Cardholders

For incoming students for the fall, apply at least two weeks prior to the start of your New Student Session session. To apply:

  • Visit the BruinCard website and click on “Submit Photo” on the menu (you’ll need your UCLA Logon ID).
  • Submit a passport quality photo with a plain white background. You’ll receive a completion email 1-2 business days later stating whether your photo was approved. If your photo is rejected, you can resubmit your photo as needed.

If You Already Have a BruinCard

  • If you have a BruinCard from attending a UCLA Summer Session, you can continue to use that card as a regular UCLA student.
  • If you have a BruinCard from a different affiliation with UCLA (e.g. healthcare volunteer badge, UCLA Extension student) and your previous card has been unused for one year or more, your card will be considered a first-time BruinCard.
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