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Ready to Apply? Here’s How.

Discover all the information you need below to get your UCLA application going. Learn more about the qualities and characteristics we’re looking for in our review process. Also, find out about important deadlines you won’t want to miss.

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You’ll be graduating from high school or you’ve already graduated but have yet to enroll in any college or university.

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You graduated from high school and have completed some college-level coursework beyond the summer following graduation.

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You’re in your final year of secondary school or you’ve already completed it but are not currently enrolled in any college or university. Your secondary credential will qualify/qualifies you to enter a university in your home country.

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The University of California (UC) application opens August 1 and the period of time to submit an application for admission is October 1–November 30.

Important Dates

August 1

UC application opens

October 1

UC starts accepting applications

November 30

Last day to file UC applications

Late March

Decisions for most first-year applicants released

Late April

Decisions for most transfer applicants released

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What We Look For

We value applicants who challenge themselves with a rigorous curriculum in high school or secondary school and whose personal stories, rich experiences and leadership skills enhance their perspective and potential contributions to our campus community.

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Student Profiles

When reviewing applications, we consider a wide variety of factors. See how the primary academic factors, which are more easily quantifiable, help shape the profile of our students.

Personal Insight Questions

The personal insight questions are a key part of your UC application. They give us insight about you in your own words as we review applications. Watch this video for helpful tips on what the questions are about and how to approach answering them.

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