Clubs and Organizations

A wide variety of actual posters for student clubs and organizations fill this photo collage.

From politics and social awareness to the arts, science, fitness and fraternity and sorority life, the options here are endless. Get involved, meet students with similar passions, discover new interests and add fun and adventure to your college experience.


clubs and student organizations

Types of Clubs

Discover an Outlet for Every Interest

With so many clubs and student organizations to choose from, you can pursue all of your passions and interests. Here are some areas where our students are especially active along with a few clubs and organizations that fall within each category.

  • Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Bruin Advertising and Marketing Team
  • Pre-Law Society at UCLA
  • Public Health Initiative: Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Rocket Project at UCLA
  • Animation Student Organization
  • Bruin Gaming
  • The Color Box Production Company
  • Film & Photography Society
  • Synthesis Dance Theater
  • 1st Gen Latinx
  • Afrikan Women’s Collective
  • Asian Pacific Coalition
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Queers in STEM
  • Bruin Beekeepers
  • Clean Consulting
  • Coastalong Music and Sustainability Festival
  • Environmental Student Network
  • Surfrider Foundation Club at UCLA
  • Asian American Christian Fellowship
  • Catholic Students Association
  • Hillel at UCLA
  • Muslim Student Association at UCLA
  • Sikh Student Association at UCLA
  • American Health Awareness Initiative
  • CityLab at UCLA
  • The College Awareness Project
  • Improving Dreams, Equality, Access and Success
  • Los Angeles Scholars for Change
  • Bruin Sports Management
  • Bruins Movin’
  • Destress R Us
  • Excursions
  • Juggling Club at UCLA

See How Our Students Pursue Their Passions

The Bruin Racing Baja SAE team poses with some off-road vehicles.

Bruin Racing is a student engineering organization with four teams. The goal of the Baja SAE team (pictured) is to design, fabricate, market and race a single-seat off-road vehicle.

Volunteers with Swipe Out Hunger prepare sandwiches for food-insecure students.

Founded by Rachel Sumekh ’12 when she was still a student, Swipe Out Hunger is a leading non-profit that addresses food-insecurity among college students.

UCLA Archery members aim their bows and arrows at the bullseye.

UCLA Archery is a competitive club sport that focuses on four different bow divisions and participates in indoor and outdoor tournaments both in California and other states.

Cubing Club at UCLA members pose together with their Rubik’s Cubes.

Cubing Club at UCLA gives Bruins who enjoy solving Rubik’s Cubes a forum for improving their times, teaching new members how to solve cubes and raising awareness of this fun hobby.

Quidditch teammates stretch and have fun together.

Around since 2009, the Quidditch team was founded by then-freshman Tom Marks. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds are drawn to the sport and ever-growing community.

Two members of the 3-D printing club look at the projects they’re working on.

The main focus of 3D4E, a 3-D printing club, is working on group projects. Members have designed, manufactured and tested everything from an RC car to a prosthetic hand.

A Wushu team member demonstrates a jumping move.

Wushu is a contemporary performance-based form of Chinese martial arts, and a club sport at UCLA. Members train weekly and take part in an annual tournament and select cultural events.


participate in student clubs or organizations


are active more than 5 hours a week


A headshot of UCLA student Rhiannon Wilson

UCLA’s French club is how I heard about a course that took me to Paris for six weeks. It’s mostly for French majors, but it has a creative writing element and I speak French, so I was able to participate.

Rhiannon Wilson, English major
Students make their way down Bruin Walk, passing posters for student clubs and organizations.

Find Activities That Are Right for You

Stroll down Bruin Walk to find students promoting their clubs and organizations. Talk with students at orientation and with classmates, roommates and friends with similar interests. And attend True Bruin Welcome Week when school starts. There, you’ll find the Enormous Activities Fair, a fun event where you can check out the majority of student groups and organizations.

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