Enroll in Fall Courses

You will enroll in your first term of classes at New Student Orientation using MyUCLA, UCLAs application for accessing your student record. Log in with your UCLA Logon ID.

All new students are strongly encouraged to attend a session so you can receive counseling regarding course requirements and enrolling in fall quarter classes. If you aren’t able to attend, you should contact New Student & Transition Programs for information about requirements and how to enroll on your own.

To enroll in classes you need to be familiar with two online resources:

The catalog contains detailed information about the college and schools, majors, course descriptions and requisites. The Schedule of Classes lists the courses offered each term and includes instructions on how to register, pay fees and enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll do this at New Student Orientation. After you submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) indicating that you plan to enroll at UCLA, you’ll be sent information on how to sign up. For further information about UCLA’s New Student Orientation and other options available to you if you are unable to attend, please visit New Student & Transition Programs.

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