Freshman Profile — Fall 2020

When we review freshman applicants we look at a wide variety of factors. Some are more easily quantifiable than others. Below are the primary academic factors we considered when we reviewed our freshman applicants for Fall Quarter 2020. There is no specific cutoff value assigned to any of the factors we consider.


Freshman Applications for Fall 2020

Applicants 108,877
Admits 15,602
Enrolled 6,387
Admit Rate 14%

Academic Statistics

All GPAs are calculated from courses taken in grades 10 and 11.

  • The fully weighted GPA includes an extra grade point for all UC-approved honors courses (which include AP, IB, school-based honors and transferable college courses) in which a grade of C or higher is earned. The maximum value possible is 5.00.
  • This Unweighted GPA does not include any extra grade points for honors courses. The maximum value possible is 4.00.

Honors Courses included in the totals below are taken in grades 10–12 and are counted by semester, which means a year-long high school honors course would count as two. A single-semester course would count as one.

  • Domestic refers to applicants who are US citizens, permanent residents, refugees or asylees.


GPA statistics for admitted freshman students


      25th percentile     75th percentile
Weighted GPA     3.84     4.40
Unweighted GPA     3.52     3.95
Honors Courses (domestic only)     11     23

Academic Distributions for Weighted GPA and Unweighted GPA

All Freshman Applicants (Domestic and International)
 % of All ApplicantsAdmit Rate% of All AdmitsEnroll Rate% of All Enrolled
Weighted GPA
Unweighted GPA
4.40 & Above25%39%68%38%63%
3.85 - 4.3951%8%29%46%33%
Below 3.8424%1%2%74%4%
3.95 & Above25%39%68%36%60%
3.53 - 3.9451%8%30%49%36%
Below 3.5224%1%2%77%4%


Ethnicity or Race Statistics

% of entering class 

Ethnicity or Race   Freshmen
African American   3%
American Indian or Alaska Native   <1%
Asian   33%
Hispanic   21%
Pacific Islander   <1%
White   25%
Two or more races   7%
Other   4%
International   8%

Freshman Applicants From Other Years

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