Admission Representatives

UCLA admission representatives visit high schools and community colleges and participate in college fairs throughout the year. If you met one of our representatives at an event or you’re a college counselor, feel free to reach out to the representative assigned to your area. For general questions, contact the admission office.

Contact the admission representative assigned to the county where you attend high school or are home-schooled.

Representatives for California Freshmen
California County Representative
Alameda Sabrina Williams
Alpine Sabrina Williams
Amador Sabrina Williams
Butte Nick Eittreim
Calaveras Sabrina Williams
Colusa Nick Eittreim
Contra Costa Sabrina Williams
Del Norte Nick Eittreim
El Dorado Sabrina Williams
Fresno Admission Officer
Glenn Nick Eittreim
Humboldt Nick Eittreim
Imperial Admission Officer
Inyo Admission Officer
Kern Admission Officer
Kings Admission Officer
Lake Nick Eittreim
Lassen Nick Eittreim
Madera Admission Officer
Marin Karly Brockett
Mariposa Admission Officer
Mendocino Nick Eittreim
Merced Admission Officer
Modoc Nick Eittreim
Mono Admission Officer
Monterey Admission Officer
Napa Nick Eittreim
Nevada Nick Eittreim
Orange Jaime Zamora
Placer Sabrina Williams
Plumas Nick Eittreim
Riverside Admission Officer
Sacramento Sabrina Williams
San Benito Admission Officer
San Bernardino Jamika Williams
San Diego Admission Officer
San Francisco Karly Brockett
San Joaquin Sabrina Williams
San Luis Obispo Admission Officer
San Mateo Sabrina Williams
Santa Barbara Admission Officer
Santa Clara Sabrina Williams
Santa Cruz Admission Officer
Shasta Nick Eittreim
Sierra Nick Eittreim
Siskiyou Nick Eittreim
Solano Sabrina Williams
Sonoma Nick Eittreim
Stanislaus Admission Officer
Sutter Nick Eittreim
Tehama Nick Eittreim
Trinity Nick Eittreim
Tulare Admission Officer
Tuolumne Admission Officer
Ventura Admission Officer
Yolo Nick Eittreim
Yuba Nick Eittreim

Contact the admission representative assigned to the state where you attend high school or are home-schooled.


Representatives for Out-of-State Freshmen
U.S. State Representative
Alabama Nick Eittreim
Alaska Annie Huerta
Arizona Admission Officer
Arkansas Nick Eittreim
Colorado Sabrina Williams
Connecticut Annie Huerta
Delaware Jamika Williams
Florida Nick Eittreim
Georgia Nick Eittreim
Hawaii Gary Clark
Idaho Admission Officer
Illinois Admission Officer
Indiana Admission Officer
Iowa Admission Officer
Kansas Jaime Zamora
Kentucky Nick Eittreim
Louisiana Nick Eittreim
Maine Annie Huerta
Maryland Jamika Williams
Massachusetts Annie Huerta
Michigan Admission Officer
Minnesota Admission Officer
Mississippi Nick Eittreim
Missouri Admission Officer
Montana Admission Officer
Nebraska Admission Officer
Nevada Admission Officer
New Hampshire Annie Huerta
New Jersey Nick Eittreim
New Mexico Admission Officer
New York Jaime Zamora
North Carolina Nick Eittreim
North Dakota Admission Officer
Ohio Admission Officer
Oklahoma Jaime Zamora
Oregon Admission Officer
Pennsylvania Jamika Williams
Rhode Island Annie Huerta
South Carolina Nick Eittreim
South Dakota Admission Officer
Tennessee Nick Eittreim
Texas Jaime Zamora
Utah Admission Officer
Vermont Annie Huerta
Virginia Jamika Williams
Washington Admission Officer
Washington DC Jamika Williams
West Virginia Jamika Williams
Wisconsin Admission Officer
Wyoming Admission Officer

Contact the admission representative assigned to the country where you attend secondary school or are home-schooled.


Representatives for International Students
Region Representative
Albania Ffiona Rees
Algeria Ffiona Rees
Andorra Ffiona Rees
Angola Ffiona Rees
Antigua and Barbuda Inez Gonzalez
Argentina Seray Teleke
Armenia Seray Teleke
Australia Seray Teleke
Austria Ffiona Rees
Azerbaijan Seray Teleke
Bahrain Seray Teleke
Bangladesh Seray Teleke
Barbados Inez Gonzalez
Belarus Ffiona Rees
Belgium Ffiona Rees
Belize Inez Gonzalez
Bolivia Seray Teleke
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ffiona Rees
Botswana Ffiona Rees
Brazil Seray Teleke
Brunei Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Bulgaria Ffiona Rees
Burkina Faso Ffiona Rees
Burundi Ffiona Rees
Cambodia Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Cameroon Ffiona Rees
Canada (British Columbia & West) Seray Teleke
Canada (Ontario & East) Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Central African Republic Ffiona Rees
Chad Ffiona Rees
Chile Seray Teleke
China Adam Lopez
Colombia Seray Teleke
Comoros Ffiona Rees
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Ffiona Rees
Congo, Republic of the Ffiona Rees
Costa Rica Inez Gonzalez
Cote d'Ivoire Ffiona Rees
Croatia Ffiona Rees
Cuba Inez Gonzalez
Cyprus Seray Teleke
Denmark Ffiona Rees
Djibouti Ffiona Rees
Dominica Inez Gonzalez
Dominican Republic Inez Gonzalez
Ecuador Adam Lopez
Egypt Ffiona Rees
El Salvador Inez Gonzalez
Equatorial Guinea Ffiona Rees
Eritrea Ffiona Rees
Estonia Ffiona Rees
Ethiopia Ffiona Rees
Finland Ffiona Rees
France Ffiona Rees
Gabon Ffiona Rees
Gambia Ffiona Rees
Georgia Seray Teleke
Germany Ffiona Rees
Ghana Ffiona Rees
Greece Ffiona Rees
Grenada Inez Gonzalez
Guatemala Inez Gonzalez
Guinea Ffiona Rees
Guinea-Bissau Ffiona Rees
Guyana Adam Lopez
Haiti Inez Gonzalez
Honduras Inez Gonzalez
Hong Kong Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Hungary Ffiona Rees
Iceland Ffiona Rees
India Seray Teleke
Indonesia Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Iraq Seray Teleke
Ireland Ffiona Rees
Italy Ffiona Rees
Jamaica Inez Gonzalez
Japan Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Jordan Seray Teleke
Kazakhstan Seray Teleke
Kenya Ffiona Rees
Kosovo Ffiona Rees
Kuwait Seray Teleke
Laos Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Latvia Ffiona Rees
Lebanon Seray Teleke
Lesotho Ffiona Rees
Liberia Ffiona Rees
Libya Ffiona Rees
Lithuania Ffiona Rees
Luxembourg Ffiona Rees
Macau Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Madagascar Ffiona Rees
Malawi Ffiona Rees
Malaysia Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Mali Ffiona Rees
Malta Ffiona Rees
Mauritania Ffiona Rees
Mauritius Ffiona Rees
Mexico Inez Gonzalez
Moldova Ffiona Rees
Monaco Ffiona Rees
Mongolia Adam Lopez
Montenegro Ffiona Rees
Morocco Ffiona Rees
Mozambique Ffiona Rees
Myanmar Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Namibia Ffiona Rees
Netherlands Ffiona Rees
New Zealand Seray Teleke
Nicaragua Inez Gonzalez
Niger Ffiona Rees
Nigeria Ffiona Rees
North Macedonia Ffiona Rees
Norway Ffiona Rees
Oman Seray Teleke
Pakistan Seray Teleke
Panama Inez Gonzalez
Paraguay Adam Lopez
Peru Adam Lopez
Philippines Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Poland Ffiona Rees
Portugal Ffiona Rees
Qatar Seray Teleke
Romania Ffiona Rees
Russia Seray Teleke
Rwanda Ffiona Rees
Saint Kitts and Nevis Inez Gonzalez
Saint Lucia Inez Gonzalez
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Inez Gonzalez
San Marino Ffiona Rees
Sao Tome and Principe Ffiona Rees
Saudi Arabia Seray Teleke
Senegal Ffiona Rees
Serbia Ffiona Rees
Seychelles Ffiona Rees
Sierra Leone Ffiona Rees
Singapore Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Slovakia Ffiona Rees
Slovenia Ffiona Rees
Somalia Ffiona Rees
South Africa Ffiona Rees
South Korea Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
South Sudan Ffiona Rees
Spain Ffiona Rees
Sri Lanka Seray Teleke
Sudan Ffiona Rees
Suriname Adam Lopez
Sweden Ffiona Rees
Switzerland Ffiona Rees
Syria Seray Teleke
Taiwan Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Tanzania Ffiona Rees
Thailand Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
The Bahamas Inez Gonzalez
Togo Ffiona Rees
Trinidad and Tobago Inez Gonzalez
Tunisia Ffiona Rees
Turkey Seray Teleke
Uganda Ffiona Rees
Ukraine Ffiona Rees
United Arab Emirates Seray Teleke
United Kingdom Ffiona Rees
Uruguay Adam Lopez
Venezuela Adam Lopez
Vietnam Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Yemen Seray Teleke
Zambia Ffiona Rees
Zimbabwe Ffiona Rees
All other countries Seray Teleke

Contact the admission representative assigned to your community college in California. 

If you attend a four-year college or university in California or out of state, we encourage you to review the UCLA Transferability Guide which has specific information for students that are considering transferring to UCLA.

If you still have questions, please email

Representatives for Transfer Students
California Community College Representative
Allan Hancock College Brennan Burnett
American River College Tram Nguyen
Antelope Valley College Deanecia White
Bakersfield College Dayana Rivas
Barstow College Tesla Parrales
Berkeley City College Diana Torres
Butte College Karen Ortiz
Cabrillo College Jessica Romero
Canada College Jessica Romero
Cerritos College Dayana Rivas
Cerro Coso Community College Nathan Fish
Chabot College Tram Nguyen
Chaffey College Jessica Romero
Citrus College Dayana Rivas
City College of San Francisco Jessica Romero
Clovis College Lila Mendoza
Coastline Community College Brennan Burnett
College of Alameda Ernesto Esqueda
College of Marin LaWanda Bains
College of San Mateo Tram Nguyen
College of the Canyons Adam Lopez
College of the Desert Erika Perez
College of the Redwoods Ana Morales
College of the Sequoias Dayana Rivas
College of the Siskiyous Brennan Burnett
Columbia College Karen Ortiz
Compton College Diana Torres
Contra Costa College Diana Torres
Copper Mountain College Brennan Burnett
Cosumnes River College Ernesto Esqueda
Crafton Hills College Ana Morales
Cuesta College Nathan Fish
Cuyamaca College Nathan Fish
Cypress College Jessica Romero
De Anza College Diana Torres
Diablo Valley College Diana Torres
East Los Angeles College Diana Torres, Tram Nguyen
East Los Angeles Satellite Jessica Romero
El Camino College Tram Nguyen
Evergreen Valley College Tram Nguyen
Feather River College Kevin Gallegos
Folsom Lake College Tram Nguyen
Foothill College Diana Torres
Fullerton College Karen Ortiz
Fresno City College Dayana Rivas
Gavilan College Diana Torres
Glendale Community College Lila Mendoza
Golden West College Ernesto Esqueda
Grossmont College Nathan Fish
Hartnell College Inez Gonzalez
Imperial Valley College Nathan Fish
Irvine Valley College Ana Morales
Lake Tahoe Community College Adam Lopez
Laney College Diana Torres
Las Positas Tram Nguyen
Lassen College Tesla Parrales
Long Beach City College Ernesto Esqueda
Los Angeles City College Nathan Fish
Los Angeles Harbor College Kevin Gallegos
Los Angeles Mission College Diana Torres
Los Angeles Pierce College Trisha Del Barrio, Ernesto Esqueda
Los Angeles Southwest College Nathan Fish
Los Angeles Trade-Technical  College Nathan Fish
Los Angeles Valley College Jessica Romero
Los Medanos College Adam Lopez
Madera College Kevin Gallegos
Mendocino College Lila Mendoza
Merced College Dayana Rivas
Merritt College Diana Torres
Mira Costa College Nathan Fish
Mission College Erika Perez
Modesto Junior College Dayana Rivas
Monterey Peninsula College Tesla Parrales
Moorpark College Trisha Del Barrio
Moreno Valley College Jessica Romero
Mt. San Antonio College Tesla Parrales
Mt. San Jacinto College Jessica Romero
Napa Valley College Jessica Romero
Norco College Jessica Romero
Ohlone College Tram Nguyen
Orange Coast College Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Oxnard College Kevin Gallegos
Palo Verde College Jessica Romero
Palomar College Nathan Fish
Pasadena City College Adam Lopez, Erika Perez
Porterville College LaWanda Bains
Reedley College Dayana Rivas
Rio Hondo College Dayana Rivas
Riverside City College Jessica Romero
Sacramento City College Tram Nguyen
Saddleback College Ana Morales
San Bernardino Valley College Jessica Romero
San Diego City College Nathan Fish
San Diego Mesa College Nathan Fish
San Diego Miramar College Nathan Fish
San Joaquin Delta College Dayana Rivas
San Jose City College Tram Nguyen
Santa Ana College Jessica Romero
Santa Barbara City College Tram Nguyen
Santa Monica College Jessica Romero & Inez Gonzalez
Santa Rosa Junior College Jessica Romero
Santiago Canyon College Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Shasta College Karen Ortiz
Sierra College Tram Nguyen
Skyline College Jessica Romero
Solano Community College Dayana Rivas
Southwestern College Nathan Fish
Taft College Ana Morales
Ventura College Kevin Gallegos
Victor Valley College Trisha Del Barrio
West Hills College Coalinga Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
West Hills College Lemoore Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
West Los Angeles College LaWanda Bains
West Valley College Tram Nguyen
Woodland Community College LaWanda Bains
Yuba College Inez Gonzalez
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