Female students work together on a robotics project.
Medical students practice a procedure on a dummy.
Students help the environment by taking advantage of the bike share program.
Students make their way across Dickson Plaza on a sunny day on campus
Students care for plants in the organic garden on campus.
Students link hands and share a moment while looking out at the ocean.

Want to make the world better? Let’s go.

You’re idealistic, driven and creative. You love learning and hearing different points of view. You feel empathy for others and believe everyone deserves a fair shot. You see obstacles as a chance to grow. You are a changemaker, just like us. Together? We’re unstoppable.

How Our New Students See the World


want climate change to be a federal priority


believe it's vital to help others in difficulty


feel UCLA is a welcoming campus


A headshot of UCLA graduate Rachel Sumekh

I went from being just another student who cared to one who had a simple and powerful way to help end hunger.

Divers survey a submersible cage used to farm cobia off the coast of Puerto Rico in connection with UCLA research.

Discover Answers to Questions that Matter

We know we must dig for the truth. Work tirelessly to overcome obstacles. And keep trying until we create change. Like giving hope to the homeless. Shedding light on the climate crisis. And inspiring inclusiveness through art. And knowledge is where it all begins.


A headshot of UCLA student Connor Ching

Choosing UCLA meant that I didn’t have to make any compromises. It has awesome academics, vibrant student life, amazing professional and personal resources, and a beautiful campus — everything I could hope to have as part of my college experience.

Connor Ching, statistics major, digital humanities and entrepreneurship minors

Get a Feel for Campus

A lot of campus is visible in this aerial shot of UCLA.

This aerial shot of UCLA captures everything from the Hill, where students live, to sports facilities to the standout architecture and landscaping found throughout campus.

Royce Hall, one of UCLA’s four original buildings, basks in the sunlight.

Royce Hall was one of UCLA’s four original buildings. Today, its 1,800-seat concert hall auditorium serves as the university’s main performing arts facility.

Students make their way up Janss Steps, which served as the original entrance to UCLA.

Janss Steps, first known as “the 87” after the number of steps leading up to Dickson Plaza, served as the original entrance to the university.

Students study in Powell Library, the main undergraduate library on campus.

The main undergraduate library on campus, Powell Library offers students a wealth of services, spaces, collections and programs that promote student learning.

Students head down Janss Steps and enjoy the sun on Wilson Plaza.

Students move along Janss Steps and enjoy the sun on Wilson Plaza where, in 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke to a crowd of 5,000 students and faculty.

Students pass by The Bruin Statue and John Wooden Center.

The iconic bronze statue known as The Bruin stands in the heart of campus across from John Wooden Center, one of UCLA’s 16 recreational and athletic facilities.

Pauley Pavilion, UCLA’s renowned venue for sporting events, concerts and more, reflects the sunlight.

Pauley Pavilion is UCLA’s renowned venue for sporting events, concerts, debates and other popular events, including rock and pop concerts by legendary performers.

Students study, eat and relax at the Bombshelter Bistro in the Court of Sciences.

The Court of Sciences is home to the "Bombshelter", an informal counter-serve café with outdoor seating that’s great for studying or meeting up with classmates.

The Evelyn and Mo Ostin Music Center catches light and shadows from nearby trees.

The Evelyn and Mo Ostin Music Center includes a high-tech recording studio, a digital music production center and spaces for rehearsal and teaching.

Students head to and from north campus by passing under Bunche Hall.

Students head to and from north campus by passing under Bunche Hall, named after Ralph J. Bunche ’27, the first African-American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The iconic gothic spires Kerckhoff Hall bask in the afternoon sun.

Kerckhoff Hall, which served as UCLA’s first student union building in 1931, is home to Kerckhoff Coffee House, student government and the Daily Bruin.

Students walk past undergraduate housing known as Saxon Suites.

Saxon Suites on the Hill offers students furnished two-bedroom suites along with a shared barbecue area. Meal service and recreation facilities are nearby.

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