Students With Disabilities

When applying to UCLA, you’re not required to make a disclosure about a disability. Any information concerning your disability will be held in strict confidence in accordance with University policy and federal and state laws. 

However, we recognize that an applicant’s disability circumstances may have an affect on their academic performance and/or ability to participate in extracurricular activities.

Therefore, although you’re neither required nor expected to reveal any information about a disability (or medical, psychological or other personal circumstance), you may choose to mention it in your answers to the personal insight questions. These questions offer you an opportunity to let us see a part of you that is not revealed in your courses, grades, test scores, awards or extracurricular activities. For example, you may provide information about how a disability may have affected your academic rigor or performance, or other challenges and how you overcame these obstacles. 

At UCLA, our admission reviews are holistic, which means we consider the full spectrum of an applicant’s qualifications, based on all information they provide on the application, with the goal of understanding an applicant’s academic and personal circumstances within their individual context.

Services for Students With Disabilities

Students with disabilities (temporary or permanent) are eligible to receive a wide variety of services offered by the Center for Accessible Education (CAE). These accommodations are designed specifically to meet the disability-related needs of each student. Technology-assisted note-taking, on-campus transportation, housing accommodations, proctoring and test-taking arrangements are just a few of the many services offered.

To receive these services, a student must request accommodations regarding his or her circumstances. All contact and assistance are handled confidentially.


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