Major Preparation in the School of Theater, Film and Television

The School of Theater, Film and Television offers the following majors:

  • Theater
  • Film and television

Both majors provide a comprehensive introduction to the history, theory, and practice of these art forms within the context of a liberal arts education.

Applicants to the school must have a minimum 3.2 GPA at the time of application and by the time of entrance must have attained junior standing (60 semester or 90 quarter units) and have completed their general education coursework — either the school’s General Education requirements, the IGETC at a California Community College, or the General Education requirements while a student at another UC campus. Completion of the School of Theater, Film and Television’s foreign language requirement before arriving at UCLA is strongly encouraged but not required. In addition to the UC application, applicants are required to submit a supplemental application.

Key Points

  • Minimum GPA: 3.2
  • IGETC required: Yes
  • Double-major possible: No
  • Supplemental application required: Yes
  • Supplemental application deadlines:
    • Theater: December 7, 2023
    • Film and Television: January 11, 2024

Major Preparation for Individual Majors


Undergraduates in theater study the history of world and American theater, contemporary theater issues, acting and performance, playwriting and analysis, design, directing and theater production and complete a sequence of advanced courses in your chosen emphases along with a capstone project.

Applicants interested in the theater major must choose one of the following emphases on the UC Application: acting, design/production, musical theater or integrated studies.

Students interested in the directing or playwriting sequences should apply via integrated studies. Those interested in stage management should select design/production. 

In addition to the general UC Application, a supplemental application is required. This includes materials such as a headshot, writing samples, transcripts, resumes, etc. Applicants will be contacted ONLY if more information is needed and an interview or audition is required.

Note: Transfer students cannot change to the theater major after admission to UCLA.

Additional information may be found at the theater B.A. page.

Preparation for the Major

  • Acting design, play analysis or theater history (recommended)

Film and Television

Undergraduates in film and television study the history of film and television, screenwriting, animation and film and television production, including cinematography, editing, directing the camera, and digital media and tools. Undergraduates complete a senior concentration in one area of specialization and a professional internship.

Additional admission requirements include a personal essay, a critical essay, a creative writing sample, a life challenge essay and two letters of recommendation. Films, DVDs, and links are not accepted. Prior experience is not required.

Note: Transfer students cannot change to the film and television major after they transfer to UCLA.

Additional information may be found at the film and television B.A. page.

Preparation for the Major

  • One course in theater (recommended)



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