Student Transfer Outreach and Mentor Program (STOMP)

Are you enrolled at a California community college? If so, keep reading to learn about STOMP. Our goal is to connect you with services and people that will inspire you to become a Bruin.


About the Program

STOMP is a volunteer based, transfer student organization, that will help you achieve your university goals.

Many of our volunteers are transfer students, so they can relate with your experience and offer valuable insights. Volunteers play leading roles in our virtual and in-person opportunities, including the annual UCLA STOMP conference.


Annual Conference

The highlight of our program is the annual conference in April which is a free event for students from California community colleges. The conference includes a holistic set of workshops addressing UC Admission and Financial Aid resources, campus and community support programs, cultural and identity-based resources, and most importantly, the opportunity to directly interact with other transfer students.

Community College Partnerships

We are always looking for ways to engage with prospective community college students, especially those who may have never considered UCLA as a transfer option. We would appreciate the opportunity to host virtual and/or in-person events at your community college, especially within your respective student support programs, such as Puente, Umoja, EOPS, First Year Learning Communities and all others.

For more information and scheduling, please contact the STOMP Supervisors Erika PerezLila Mendoza or Diana Elizabeth Torres.

Become a Volunteer

Current UCLA students, STOMP is always looking for volunteers. Join our team and make a difference in a transfer student’s educational journey!

  • Opportunity to share your transfer story to inspire others
  • Advocate for transfers and create awareness for the community
  • Improve your public speaking and communication skills
  • Volunteer alongside UCLA Undergraduate Admission staff
  • Be a part of a welcoming and supportive STOMP family
  • Give back to your transfer community

Contact Information

Student Transfer Outreach and Mentor Program (STOMP)
2385 Wooden Center

Phone: (310) 206-8118

Supervisor Information:
Erika Perez:
Lila Mendoza:
Diana Elizabeth Torres:

Meet our Program Coordinators

Phoebe Melikidse

A profile headshot of Phoebe Melikidse

Community College: College of the Canyons
Major: Communication
Minor: Education
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bio: I was born in Glendale and now I live in Santa Clarita. At the College of the Canyons, I was the president of the Communication Studies Club and competed on the Speech Team. 

Outside of school, I enjoy going to concerts, photography, art, baking, and volunteering in my community. I’m pursuing a career as a community college professor and I am striving to be an advocate for transfers like myself. 

As STOMP Coordinator, I want to encourage prospective transfers to consider UCLA as an option and help them take advantage of all the resources we offer.

Sheila Bravo

A profile headshot of Sheila Bravo

Community College: El Camino College
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Chicana/o and Central American Studies

Bio: I was born and raised in South Central LA. At El Camino College I was involved with the Puente Program.

Currently, I am a member of the Underground Scholar Initiative (USI) here at UCLA. I enjoy going to scenic views with my friends and long car rides. I am pursuing a career as a community college professor.

As STOMP Coordinator, I want to inspire and support people in their transfer experience. I want people to recognize that it isn’t impossible to go to your dream university.

Gergio Ricacho

Gergio Ricacho

Community College: San Diego Miramar College
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Education Studies
Pronouns: he/they

Bio: Hi, my name is Gergio and I am a second-year transfer student from San Diego Miramar College. While at Miramar, I was an Outreach Ambassador and Mentor and studied abroad twice.

At UCLA, I am a student leader in many communities such as the Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership and LCC Asian American Theatre Company, and I also work as a Campus Tour Guide. All of my experiences thus far have inspired me to pursue a career in higher education. 

As STOMP Coordinator, I want to give back to the community college route and transfer process by highlighting the abundance of opportunities available for students in community college while destigmatizing the community college experience. 

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