Student Transfer Outreach and Mentor Program (STOMP)

Are you enrolled at a California community college? If so, keep reading to learn about STOMP. Our goal is to connect you with services and people that will inspire you to become a Bruin.


About the Program

STOMP is a volunteer based, transfer student organization, that will help you achieve your university goals.

Many of our volunteers are transfer students, so they can relate with your experience and offer valuable insights. Volunteers play leading roles in our virtual and in-person opportunities, including the annual UCLA STOMP conference.


Annual Conference

The 24th Annual STOMP Conference will be in-person on Saturday, March 11 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at UCLA. There will also be an online component on our website that will have resources and pre-recorded presentations for transfer students to learn more about the transfer pathway and the value of a UC education. 

Registration is no longer available because capacity has been exceeded. To ensure a smooth and successful conference for attendees, we are unable to accommodate any unregistered students on March 11. Due to UCLA Fire Department policies, we must comply with our limited capacity and walk-in registrations will not be accepted.  

If you have questions about the conference, you can contact Dayana Rivas ( or Diana Elizabeth Torres ( We look forward to seeing you all!

Live stream of the conference

Pre-recorded presentations

STOMP flyer

Community College Partnerships

We are always looking for ways to engage with prospective community college students, especially those who may have never considered UCLA as a transfer option. We would appreciate the opportunity to host virtual and/or in-person events at your community college, especially within your respective student support programs, such as Puente, Umoja, EOPS, First Year Learning Communities and all others.

For more information and scheduling, please contact the STOMP Supervisors: Diana Elizabeth Torres or Dayana Rivas.

Become a Volunteer

Current UCLA students, STOMP is always looking for volunteers. Join our team and make a difference in a transfer student’s educational journey!

  • Opportunity to share your transfer story to inspire others
  • Advocate for transfers and create awareness for the community
  • Improve your public speaking and communication skills
  • Volunteer alongside UCLA Undergraduate Admission staff
  • Be a part of a welcoming and supportive STOMP family
  • Give back to your transfer community

Contact Information

Student Transfer Outreach and Mentor Program (STOMP)
2385 Wooden Center

Phone: (310) 206-8118

Supervisor Information:
Diana Elizabeth Torres:

Dayana Rivas:

Meet our Program Coordinators

Kelsey Takaha

A profile headshot of Kelsey Takaha

Community College College of San Mateo
Major: Communication, Gender Studies
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bio: I am a second-year transfer student from the College of San Mateo (CSM). I was born and raised in the Bay Area. At CSM, I was involved with the honors program, Alpha Gamma Sigma, and was a tutor in the Learning Center.

Currently, I am involved in Greek life and School on Wheels, and I hold a leadership position in the Alumni Scholars Club. I enjoy going to the beach, traveling, and trying new coffee shops.

As a STOMP Coordinator, I hope to engage with the transfer community. I want to reduce the stigma around community college and inspire all students to take pride in their pursuit of higher education.

Madison Wade

A profile headshot of Madison Wade

Community College: Moorpark College
Major: Biology
Minor: Biomedical Research
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bio: I was born and raised in Simi Valley and attended Moorpark College where I started the Pre-Med Club on campus and was also President.

At UCLA, I am President of the TransferMed Club that creates a transfer community amongst students pursuing a career in the medical field. Additionally, I am a part of a research lab where we study melanoma, which is perfect for me because I am pursuing a career as a Dermatologist.

As a STOMP Coordinator, I want to help fellow transfer students realize our full potential and why our experiences actually make us an asset. I hope to provide a safe and welcoming space for all transfer students to come together.

Gergio Ricacho

A profile headshot of Gergio Ricacho

Community College: San Diego Miramar College
Major: Sociology
Minor: Education
Pronouns: he/they

Bio: I am a second-year transfer student from San Diego Miramar College. While at Miramar, I was an Outreach Ambassador and Mentor and studied abroad twice.

At UCLA, I am a student leader in many communities such as the Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership and LCC Asian American Theatre Company. I also work as a Campus Tour Guide. All of my experiences thus far have inspired me to pursue a career in higher education.

As STOMP Coordinator, I want to give back to the community college route and transfer process by highlighting the abundance of opportunities available for students in community college while destigmatizing the community college experience.

Jiselle Nakoud

A profile headshot of Jiselle

Community College Moorpark College
Major: Biology
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Bio: I am a second-year transfer student from Moorpark Community College located in Simi Valley. I am currently a biology major on the pre-dental track and will matriculate into dental school this coming July.

At Moorpark, I was involved in several clubs including the Pre-Med/Dental club and Research in Biology club. I was also a part of the honors program and this cool independent study called The Butterfly Project that worked to revive the nearly extinct Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly.

Currently, at UCLA, I am involved in STOMP and several pre-dental organizations that allow me to learn more about the field and network with other pre-dental students. I really enjoy attending UCLA and living in Westwood has been so amazing with all the yummy restaurants to try and frequent visits to the beach. I also love to roller skate and crochet in my free time.

As a STOMP coordinator, I hope to encourage and advocate for the transfer community. In my journey through community college, I have grown and developed to appreciate this pathway and want to destigmatize it for others. No matter what path you take, you deserve to be where you are and have worked hard to earn it, so it’s important to acknowledge your journey and be proud of it!

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