Transfer Preparation Requirements — Cognitive Science*

Major Preparation Requirements

  • One year of calculus
  • One course in introductory psychology 
  • One course in introductory biology or biology for the major
  • One course in introductory physics or chemistry
  • One course in philosophy (critical reasoning, philosophy of science, or philosophy of the mind)
  • One course in introduction to C++ programming
  • One course in intermediate C++ programming
  • One additional computer programming course

To be considered for this major, a minimum of five preparatory courses must be completed by the end of spring before transfer. Applicants for Fall 2024 and beyond must complete seven courses by end of spring before transfer.

Note: You must be admitted directly to this major and cannot change into this major after admission to UCLA.

* Students are classified as Pre-Cognitive Science until lower division preparation courses are completed at UCLA.

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