Transfer Profile by Major - Fall 2020

Please note: one critical element we are not able to quantify here is the completion of major preparation requirements. Click in the major name below to see the courses you should pursue towards a specific major.

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Fall 2020

The College

The College: A - B
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
African American Studies7229%3.253.62
African and Middle Eastern Studies, Pre10%  
American Indian Studies1540%3.313.46
American Literature and Culture6445%3.483.73
Ancient Near East and Egyptology40%  
Anthropology - B.A.38350%3.603.89
Anthropology - B.S.9335%3.463.81
Applied Linguistics4457%3.563.81
Applied Mathematics, Pre25543%3.783.98
Art History14959%3.553.90
Asian American Studies3837%3.503.70
Asian Humanities6730%3.573.87
Asian Languages and Linguistics3037%3.363.78
Asian Religions333%3.663.66
Asian Studies, Pre8638%3.693.94
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences80%  
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Maths10%  
* Biochemistry38237%3.733.96
* Biology95621%3.763.97
Business Economics, Pre2,07712%3.854.00
The College: C - E
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
Central and East European Languages and Cultures1100%3.413.41
Chemistry/Materials Science239%3.854.00
Chicana and Chicano Studies8641%3.253.80
Classical Civilization1242%3.493.79
Climate Sciences10%  
Cognitive Science, Pre20637%3.743.94
Comparative Literature5353%3.573.88
Computational and Systems Biology, Pre1436%3.513.62
Data Theory, Pre11454%3.704.00
Earth and Environmental Science3727%3.703.96
* Ecology, Behavior and Evolution8216%3.593.93
Economics, Pre1,27117%3.834.00
Engineering Geology617%3.393.39
Environmental Science14518%3.503.84
European Studies, Pre520%4.004.00
The College: F - I
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
* Financial Actuarial Mathematics, Pre14037%3.874.00
French and Linguistics743%3.133.52
Gender Studies18344%3.533.86
Geography/Environmental Studies5357%3.533.97
Global Studies, Pre21031%3.773.98
Greek and Latin333%3.653.65
History, Pre55453%3.623.93
Human Biology and Society - B.A., Pre7418%3.733.96
Human Biology and Society - B.S., Pre13617%3.733.88
International Development Studies, Pre10528%3.583.89
Iranian Studies520%3.473.47
The College: J - L
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
Jewish Studies729%3.454.00
Labor Studies2532%3.383.88
Latin American Studies, Pre1619%3.743.89
Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures14219%3.723.97
Linguistics and Computer Science8228%3.603.93
Linguistics and English1729%3.663.91
Linguistics and French540%3.114.00
Linguistics and Italian1100%3.203.20
Linguistics and Philosophy2928%3.413.87
Linguistics and Psychology8540%3.503.89
Linguistics and Scandinavian Languages1100%3.103.10
Linguistics and Spanish956%3.563.78
Linguistics and Anthropology4628%3.623.81
The College: M - N
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
* Marine Biology5110%3.813.89
Mathematics, Pre28236%3.814.00
Mathematics for Teaching, Pre5133%3.643.87
Mathematics of Computation, Pre9645%3.773.96
Mathematics/Applied Science, Pre2241%3.513.85
Mathematics/Economics, Pre16837%3.853.98
* Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, Pre21627%3.754.00
Middle Eastern Studies1060%3.503.82
* Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology21638%3.763.94
* Neuroscience19922%3.723.96
Nordic Studies30%  
The College: P - Z
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
Physiological Science14029%3.703.89
* Political Science, Pre1,37739%3.723.97
Portuguese and Brazilian Studies250%3.553.55
* Psychobiology, Pre17431%3.703.94
* Psychology, Pre2,24319%3.774.00
Public Affairs, Pre12831%3.493.84
Russian Language and Literature10%  
Russian Studies40%  
Scandinavian Languages and Cultures20%  
* Sociology, Pre1,65838%3.703.93
Spanish and Community and Culture4053%3.443.70
Spanish and Linguistics1958%3.593.91
Spanish and Portuguese367%3.403.56
* Statistics, Pre29836%3.894.00
Study of Religion1644%3.573.72

 * The number of applications to this major greatly exceeds the space available. In most cases, this means that both the GPAs and completion of preparatory coursework from successful applicants tend to exceed the overall average.

School of the Arts and Architecture

Overview by Major in School of the Arts and Architecture
Major Applicants Admit Rate 25th % for Admits 75th % for Admits
Architectural Studies 245 14% 3.60 3.95
Art 305 8% 3.33 3.67
Dance 47 6% 3.00 3.68
Design | Media Arts 308 6% 3.55 3.85
World Arts and Cultures 27 33% 3.62 3.84

Samueli School of Engineering

Overview by Major in Samueli School of Engineering
Major Applicants Admit Rate 25th % for Admits 75th % for Admits
Aerospace Engineering 211 9% 3.87 3.98
Bioengineering 137 14% 3.77 4.00
Chemical Engineering 181 28% 3.82 4.00
Civil Engineering 250 22% 3.75 3.92
Computer Engineering 186 3% 3.91 4.00
Computer Science 1,700 4% 3.93 4.00
Computer Science and Engineering 359 7% 3.95 4.00
Electrical Engineering 370 30% 3.79 4.00
Materials Engineering 40 35% 3.68 3.92
Mechanical Engineering 544 14% 3.83 4.00

Herb Alpert School of Music

Overview by Major in Herb Alpert School of Music
Major Applicants Admit Rate 25th % for Admits 75th % for Admits
Ethnomusicology 15 67% 3.74 4.00
Global Jazz Studies 23 26% 3.54 3.82
Music 61 3% 3.15 3.50
Music Composition 34 3% 4.00 4.00
Music Education 28 11% 3.20 3.85
Music Performance 3 100% 3.35 4.00
Musicology 21 33% 3.59 3.75

School of Nursing

Overview by Major in School of Nursing
MajorApplicantsAdmit Rate25th % for Admits75th % for Admits
Nursing Prelicensure2395%3.633.87

School of Theater, Film and Television

Overview by Major in School of Theater, Film and Television
Major Applicants Admit Rate 25th % for Admits 75th % for Admits
Film and Television 839 2% 3.80 3.94
Theater 284 3% 3.75 3.88
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